R8 Folding Drone With 4K HD Dual Camera and Smart Features





Are you looking for a high-definition camera drone that you can take anywhere with you? Introducing the Ladybird R8 Drone With 4K HD Dual Camera and Smart Features. It's a small RC drone but has a lot of great features to offer aside from its remarkable camera quality. This aircraft has a convertible design that makes it easy to store and carry thus you can always bring it with you and capture every special moment.



Ladybird R8 Folding Drone With 4K HD Dual Camera and Smart Features



Compact Design

Capture all your activities or special moment anytime and anywhere with this foldable and portable RC drone. This model features a compact design that makes it travel-friendly so that you can easily bring it with you or store in a small case when not in use.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone



Adjustable 4K High-Definition Camera

This aircraft boasts its 4K HD Camera making itself one of the best camera drones in the market. It can produce high-quality aerial shots that will definitely impress anyone who loves photography. It's a premium feature that you can't easily find from any regular drones.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Adjustable 4K HD Camera



Smart Follow

Do great things and capture it using your drone! This aircraft is capable of following you and record aerial footages of you in autopilot through its feature called Video Following. With this mode, you can do your activities and capture them without the need to manually control your drone.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Follow Me Mode



Real-Time First Person View

See the aerial view of your surroundings in real-time through FPV real-time transmission. With this feature, you can view the real-time coverage of the drone through your smartphone so you can take better photography shots by setting the right angle and position of the camera drone.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Real-Time FPV



Gesture Control

Take a selfie or record a video of yourself using the drone without having to use a controller. This drone can recognize hand gestures and will automatically take action according to instructions. 



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Gesture Photo Video



Three Speed Modes

With its adjustable speed, you can fly the drone in the right flight speed according to the current scenario. Whether you are taking a photo, recording a video, or racing with other drones, you can easily control its flight using the remote control and set to low, medium, or high speed.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Adjustable Speed



Long-Lasting Battery

Although this drone is a small aircraft, it is still capable of displaying powerful features like any other professional drones. Compared to regular drones, this device can last up to 15 minutes of flight time. It is equipped with 3.7V Li-Ion Battery having 1100mAh capacity thus giving itself a longer battery life.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Long Battery Life



Altitude Hold Function

Avoid blurry aerial shots cost by a shaking camera drone that can't maintain a stable flight. This drone will surely give you the best out of its 4K HD camera. It is capable of holding its position in the air and maintaining its altitude while taking pictures or recording videos to make sure it produces high-quality photography.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Altitude Hold



Video Editing and Sharing

Record, edit and share your recorded videos in real-time through your smartphone. With this feature, you can instantly share your activities or aerial shots using your portable camera drone with your friends and family.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Video Editing and Sharing




App Control

Control the drone wither using the remote control or your phone. Use the app control feature to see more and do more with your drone. The app control allows the pilot to control the drone using almost any types of tablets or smartphones. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone App Control



Dual Switching Camera

Another feature that makes this aircraft one of the best camera drones is its switchable dual camera. It is equipped with two cameras attached to the front and back of the drone so it is easier for the pilot to see and set the right angle to capture the best photo or record impressive video in its current position.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Dual Switching Camera



Headless Mode

Are you a first-time pilot? Don't get intimidated with this stunning drone. If you are not yet good at controlling the aircraft, you can opt to control the device using headless mode. This mode allows the drone to fly according to the directions of the controller. Just hold the controller and sway it to your preferred directions and the drone will fly in the same direction. It's a feature that makes this drone beginner-friendly and easier to control.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Headless Mode



Saved Route Flight

Another smart feature of the drone is trajectory flight mode. This mode allows the drone to fly according to the saved route set by the pilot through the app. Just draw the trajectory using the map in the app and the drone will automatically follow this route.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone Trajectory Flight



One-Key Features

No more hassle in terms of starting your drone's flight or getting it to land. With this one-key take-off and one-key landing features, the drone can automatically start to take-off or perform a landing with just one push of a button. It's a time-saving feature that makes it easier for the pilot to control the drone.



Ladybird R8 Foldable Drone One-Key Take-Off Landing



Product Features:

  • Compact Design - Double folding and easy to store or carry.

  • Adjustable 4K High-Definition Camera - 180 degrees adjustable camera view.
  • Follow Me Mode - Follows and captures a moving object in any direction.
  • Real-Time First Person View - Live transmission of video or images in 1920p quality without data.
  • Gesture Control - Capture images or shoot videos using hand gestures.
  • Three Speed Modes - Adjustable Speed Control.
  • Long-Lasting Battery - Lasts up to 15 minutes of flight time.
  • Altitude Hold Function - Maintains a stable flight or hold its position for a better photography quality.
  • MV Editing and Sharing - In-app MV production and sharing in real-time.
  • Object Recognition Auto-Follow - Automatically identify objects through smart follow mode.
  • App Control - Can be controlled using remote control or smartphone.
  • Dual Switching Camera - Front and Back Camera.
  • Headless Mode - Flies in the direction of the remote control.
  • Saved Route Flight - Can fly according to the trajectory drawn on the screen.
  • One-Key Features - Automatic take-off and landing using one-key.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Aircraft
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x Body Battery
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 4 x Protection Ring
  • 2 x Replacement Blade