Professional ALTITUDE HOLD GPS Follow Me Drone With 1080P HD Camera


Looking for a drone that will help you capture the best moments on aerial vision?

Are you a professional photographer or videographer who wants to take his/her career into a new and professional level?

A drone with an autopilot module will help you move to that next level!


A drone with GPS and autopilot systems will give you many options when itcomes to flying, aerial filming and photography.


A drone flying on autopilot has big advantages over manual flight.  A drone on autopilot can fly a programmed route, called waypoints and take aerial photos or videos much better than any pilot can!

Weight: 400g

Dimension: 350 * 350 * 95mm

Introducing GPS Follow Me Drone With 1080P HD Camera

follow me drone 

This follow me drone has everything you’ll need for a great full HD aerial photography, and it’s easy to fly!


Just starting out? No worries! This is one of the best drones for beginners, as it can literally fly by itself when you take advantage of its GPS Flight Mode. 


That being said, more advanced drone enthusiasts will also find this drone enjoyable.


How easy is to fly this thing you might ask. Very easy! With an autopilot module, your flight will be easier while you focus on the video that lives streams to your screen, making it one of the best buy drones.



What’s great about this quadcopter drone is the radio transmitter that has four channels and is 2.4GHz making your flight interference-free. Brushless motor is a state of the art here turning your flying time into a smooth experience and prolonging the lifespan of your drone at the same time.


Follow me drone Brushless Motor



Aside from autopilot function, there are still more automations on this drone. It boasts its automatic return to home function and a GPS flight control system. The GPS will provide more accurate flight and flight control capabilities.



Worried that drone might lose control or when it's low on battery? No worries! This drone will automatically return when it loses control or under low voltage condition.




Follow Me Drone One key return home



This quadcopter has 6-axis gyro stability which aids in providing the best shots and smooth video footage.

The best way to achieve perfect aerial shots is a drone with steady hovering flights and HD camera. Guess what? This drone has it all! It is equipped with advanced barometer to make sure it has a balanced and stable flight.


altitude hold drone



What's more exciting is that the drone will allow pilots to create points of interest and automatically circle around that point, elevating the flight experience.




point of interest mode drone



With the auto-positioning system, pilots can have full control of the drone even when in the further distance. 


advance gps drone



No need to adjust the position of our drone before flying. With the headless mode, you can fly the drone easily without knowing the direction.


drone headless mode



This makes our selfie drone follow remote controller for easy flight control

After switching to follow mode, the aircraft is in the current position to the controller (mobile phone or the distance of the Ipad) is the reference, where the controller moves, and where the aircraft flies, the controller stops and the aircraft will hover.

This follow me functions works by continuously capturing your actions and activities using camera auto-recognition.


Follow me drone



The angle of the camera lens can be adjusted between 0 and 90 degrees to take footages from new and different perspectives.


drone adjustable camera

Follow me drone



Experience the First Person View of the drone through the Real-time images and videos shot by the aircraft camera are transmitted to the screen of your smartphone via a 5G network which is fast, efficient and superior.


real time transmission drone



Using the app, you can easily control the drone.

Note: Please kindly note that only smartphones supporting 5G are able to connect to the FPV system (Limited functions enabled on the app, including photo and video shooting, circle over a point of interest and follow me mode)


app motion control mode drone



The 7.4v 1800mAh modular battery is detachable with ease, giving up extensive playing time.

In addition, if you're more of an advance dronethusiast and you use drones into a different level, you can just change the battery anytime you want.


drone modular battery



Worried that you might lose the drone if you fly it at night? Worry no more! The drone has 4 bright lights at the bottom to help you navigate the drone at night.


drone built in led lights



The controller that comes with this drone helicopter has an ergonomic design and feels extremely comfortable in the hands making sure you can enjoy the utmost precision of controls.


drone remote control


Follow me drone


This drone is packed with:

  • 1080P HD Camera – with an adjustable camera lens
  • Altitude Hold Mode - provides more stable flight
  • Follow Me Mode
  • GPS Auto Positioning System - accurate positioning location.
  • One Key Return
  • Point Of Interest
  • Click-In Battery - with the fight time of up to 18 minutes
  • 2.4Ghz technology - adopted for anti-interference
  • 4 Channel – easily control and fly: ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideways fly and rolling 360°
  • 6-Axis Gyro -  provides a stable flight
  • LED lights – increases visibility at night and makes your flying way cooler


What’s in the package:

  • 1 x RC Drone (Battery Included)
  • 1 x Spare Battery
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Clip
  • 4 x Soft Rubber Mat
  • 1 x Camera
  • 1 x Balancing Charger
  • 1 x Charging Adapter
  • 4 x Propeller
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x English Manual
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Phone Holder 


drone package