Foldable 4K Wide Angle Drone 2

Camera Type

The Foldable 4K Wide Angle Drone 2 is able to provide state of the art aerial video and photography and you can do it without being an expert with drones!

3D tracking

This 4K drone is able to follow you automatically using the innovative 3D tracking feature. The Drone 2 detects anything that is in the way, including people, buildings and other obstacles using similar technology used in self-driving cars. 

If you set the drone to smart follow mode, it will follow you wherever you go, even in the most secluded areas.

Intelligent Gesture

You can take aerial selfies by using the drone's intelligent gesture feature. You can configure up to 6 different gestures to issue commands such as moving forwards and backwards, moving to the side and taking pictures.


Safari mode lets your drone fly along a designated path, and it automatically identifies and then takes pictures of things that may be objects of interest.

Through advanced artificial intelligence, this amazing drone identifies animals, plants, trees, people, buildings vehicles, and more, and can take beautiful aerial photos of them.

Cinematic Video

The Drone 2 comes equipped with built-in cinematic movements that can be seen in most modern movies and music videos. It has precision flight patterns that are designed to emulate the industry standard.

Long-Life Battery

The Drone 2 has one of the most impressive battery lives on the market and can stay airborne for up to 30 minutes. This means that you can spend more time flying and taking incredible images than most other competitor drones. 


Foldable Design

The Drone 2 can be folded to a super compact size, allowing for easy portability.


The Done 2 is one of the most portable drones to use a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, with its angular vibration range reduced to 0.005°.


The Drone 2 is able to soar through the sky with minimal wind resistance, and it is fully aerodynamic and lightweight, making for a pleasurable experience. 




  • Charging time: about 150 minutes
  • Remote battery: 3 x 1.5 AA battery ( not included )


  • Flight duration: 25-30 minutes
  • Pixels: 4K
  • Remote control distance Height: 500m / Flight distance: 7km
  • Speed Sports Mode: 30 mph / Standard mode: 12.4 mph


  • 8 GB Internal Storage
  • The aircraft and export files through its USB 3.0
  • Micro-USB port.


  • Intelligent Flight Modes Smart, reliable, and incredibly intuitive Quick Shot Videos with a Tap
  • High-Performance Camera Amazing images and stabilized video Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization Shake-Free Shots
  • Foldable & Portable
  • 3-Axis Gimbal & 1080P/4k HD Camera
  • 3-Directional Environment Sensing
  • 32 MP Sphere Panoramas
  • GPS positioning and auto-cruise
  • Quadcopter Size: 25*21*4 cm (Unfolded) - 9*9*4 cm (Folded)

Foldable 4K Wide Angle Drone 2