F62 Mini 4K Drone with Gesture & Voice Control

Camera Type

Introducing the fantastic F62 Drone! This drone is a slick aerial photography device that can take gorgeous HD images while it is airborne, directly from its 4K camera. Unlike many other drones at this price line, the battery life offers you significantly more than its competitors.

F62 Foldable Drone With 4K HD Camera And Voice Control


This drone allows you to see everything your drone sees from first person view, and this is even more impressive when using VR goggles. This means you'll be able to take in gorgeous bird's eye footage in live transmission with a 1080p quality, which is far better than the industry standard.

F62 Drone Real-Time FPV


This mini quadcopter has a 3.7V 1300mAh battery which means that it has a longer lifespan than your typical drone. 

F62 Drone Long Lasting Battery


The F62 drone comes with not one but two cameras that allow you to take incredible photos of all angles. It also has an anti-shaking feature which ensures that all of your images are faultless!

F62 Drone Dual Camera

VR Mode:

See the aerial first-person view of your surrounding in 3D using VR Glasses and be immersed with the stunning aerial view. This drone is compatible with almost any types of VR Glasses.

F62 Drone VR Goggles


Mobile Control:

With this portable 4k drone, you have the luxury of choosing whether to control it either with the default controller, or you can download the app on your smartphone and control it on there! The app has a range of features and can be downloaded on all mobile platforms.

F62 Drone App Control

Voice Control:

You can control this drone completely hands-free by using the intelligent voice command feature. Simply tell your drone what you want it to do and control it with your voice on a range of modes.

F62 Drone Voice Command



You can fly at your own speed with this portable 4k drone, and it can go up to around 20mph!


F62 Drone Adjustable Speed

Automatic Follow Mode:

You can command your mini quadcopter drone to automatically follow you without even using the remote control or phone! Using advanced GPS technology, this 4K drone can fly directly above you and follow your every move!

F62 Drone Follow Me Mode

Gesture Control:

You can take selfies and even record videos using simple gesture hand signs on this drone. The F62 drone recognizes a few different gestures that will allow you to control it without using the app or controller.

F62 Drone Gesture Recognition

Adjustable Camera:

Not only does this drone capture stunning images and videos from its 4K camera, but the camera is also fully adjustable and provides an impressive 120 degrees wide angle which can be fully rotated from the remote control. You will definitely be able to capture any angle possible in crisp quality while you fly this drone!

F62 Drone Adjustable Camera

Portable Design:

This mini 4k drone is extremely lightweight and compact and you can fold it and carry it with you wherever you go. You can even put it in your pocket!

F62 Drone Foldable Portable


  • Altitude hold mode, Headless mode, and one-touch take-off/landing make drone control easier for beginners.
  • The drone will automatically return when the battery is low or if it loses the signal. 
  • Circling Flight: 360 ° surround loop around the phone, you can turn on the high definition aerial photography function at the same time and shoot movies with different angles. 
  • Headless Mode and Flight Marking: Completely resolve the pilot's loss of orientation problems and the drone will fly according to the flight you have marked. 
  • 0.3MP / 16MP ( 4K ) Wide Angle Camera
  • Flight Path: After setting the waypoint, you can also click the waypoint to set the waypoint height. 


  • 1 x Aircraft 
  • 1 x Remote Control 
  • 6 x Blades 
  • 4 x Tripod 
  • 6 x Protective frame 
  • 1 x USB charging line
  • 1 x Screwdriver